Adding Papaya Extract to My Daily Routine


Fresh C. papaya leaf extract significantly increased the platelet and RBC counts in the test group as compared to controls

Right after I started with Chemo, my platelets dropped (as expected).  You can see chart on the left.  My oncologist, who is also a hematologist told me that there was nothing on the medical side that I could do.   He said that after Chemo the platelets just might not ever recover and that might be where they will stay. 

Now if you follow me here you may know that I am taking Dandelion Root Extract (DRE) and I just begun to take Chaga Mushroom.  Both of these are platelet inhibitors.  So for the past year they have sat around 85-95 with a huge exception to when I got a staph infection.  Yep, that big dip was from a blood test while I was in the ER because I wasn’t feeling good.  After I was admitted to the hospital and given antibiotics my platelets immediately shot back up, then leveled off again around 85-95. So, as always, I checked natural ways to raise platelets and found that Papaya can possibly do that.

Each day I make a shaker bottle full of Dandelion Root Extract (12oz of my liquid) and 4oz of Chaga Mushroom liquid (1 teaspoon of chaga).  Then I ad 4 half droppers of Papaya extract

I have no association with this product, except as a customer. 

I drink about half this mixture, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach and I don’t eat anything else for about 30-60 minutes.  

After my platelets had been sitting around 85-95 for 12 months (not counting the staph infection incident) and taking it everyday for about 30 days, it was at 105 today.   Still not perfect, as the perfect range is 150-400.  But, this shows that it is working for me 🙂

***UPDATE 5/8/2018 I just had another blood, lab test done and my platelets were at 127 now.  So papaya must be doing something.

***UPDATE 6/28/2018 I stopped taking it for a few reasons, one is I want to make sure that since it builds platelets and DRE reduces platelets, I don’t want it interfering with DRE.  However, after I stopped for about 3-4 weeks I had another blood test.  And sure enough, my platelets dropped again, back down to 104.  So this product is a winner in my book to help raise platelets.