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About Stan

Stan is a website developer, living in Southern Utah. He is married with 3 wonderful children and an amazing wife of 23 years.
In 2015 he was given 5 years to live after he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. After scouring the Internet and consulting with over 12 medical professionals, Stan decided to fight for his life by trying different methods to combat the cancer, including natural methods.
Still seeing his medical doctors regularly, getting regular blood tests and CT scans, Stan has found ways to possibly prolong his life.  His findings are shared here. 

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An Amazing Discovery

In October of 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.  I was quickly referred to a surgeon and within a few weeks I had about a foot of my colon removed.  However, the cancer had also migrated to my lungs.  And since it was originally speckled throughout my lungs they couldn’t remove it with surgery. I then went to a medical oncologist who told me that I probably had about 5 years to live, and in that time, they would try to give me quality and quantity of life.

Their plan was to put me on a few different chemo-therapies for the rest of my life.  When one stopped working they would try another.  Then when I had exhausted all the chemos, they would have me try something else; like immune oncology or see if I could do a clinical trial.

However, I first decided I wanted to see what natural medicine could do for me, so I spent countless hours scouring the Internet and trying to put together a list of things I could try, here is what I did for about 3 months:

  • I saw a naturopathic doctor, who gave me IVs of vitamin C and ozonated my blood.
  • I eliminated all processed sugars
  • Ate plenty of good vegetables in green smoothies
  • Took sodium bicarb tablets
  • Did regular coffee enemas
  • Received zoning therapy
  • Drank ozonated water
  • Did Rife Frequency Therapy
  • Used a Nebulizer to take Glutathion
  • Took various herbs and vitamins
  • I thought positively and prayed often

Unfortunately, natural remedies are slow and gradual and cancer is quick. I was disappointed to find that the cancer hadn’t even slowed down.  It had gotten bigger.  Cancer cells can literally multiply.  100 cancer cells becomes 200.  200 become 400.  400 become 800 and so on.  It was already spreading little nodules throughout my lungs.  I had to stop the growth immediately.  So, we decided we needed to try chemo.  I did 2 different chemos, one was given by IV the other was a pill.  After about 6 months the cancer was virtually gone.  The doctor told me I should stay on the pill form but he said I could stop the IVs.

Then about 6 months later, in February 2017, a new nodule was discovered (or an old nodule coming back).  We were devastated that it was back.  This was a real wake up call that made us think that no matter what we did it would find it’s way back.  The doctor wanted to start on 2 different chemos, but we decided to take a few months off of chemo to let my body recuperate.  Then after speaking to a radiation oncologist we decided to have that one nodule radiated.  During that time, I continued to feel that God had a way for me to overcome this problem.  I was trying to not give up hope.  I was looking online and found a small article on a very reputable website. As a matter of fact it is the US Government’s website, where scientist from all over the world can share research results.  The site is The National Institutes of Health (

This small article sparked my interest.  It basically said that Dandelion Root Extract “could be a non-toxic and effective anti-cancer alternative”.
(Here is the article:

After reading that paragraph of information I figured I might as well try it, and even though I still didn’t have much hope in it working, I started to take Dandelion Root Extract (DRE).  After taking it for about a month, I decided to look more into it, as I wasn’t sure if I was taking enough.  So I went back to the article and saw that on the page there was a link to a 21 page report full report of the research.   Not being a Biochemist I had trouble reading the report, so using Google to translate a lot of the medical jargon I combed through the research.  I was so excited with what I had found.  The study shows that at the University of Windsor in Canada, A BioChemist named Dr. Siyaram Pandey Ph.D. had tested DRE on mice and had some amazing results.

The main 3 things that the full article tells us is this:

  1. DRE causes all types of cancer cells to die, not just colon cancer. DRE basically causes the cancer cells to commit cell suicide.
  2. Other healthy cells are left virtually unharmed.
  3. Cancer will not build a tolerance to DRE like it does to chemo.

I was so excited with this information, as I finally had new hope.  This was possibly the answer we were looking for.  After reading the 21 page report I made up a plan of how I would take it and how much I should approximately take.

I continued to take DRE while they radiated that one spot.  My radiation oncologist told me that he could pretty much guarantee that cancer would not come back to that spot, but it could come back anywhere else.  I then received CT scans about every 2-3 months.  And after each one, they said that there were “no new nodules”.  However this last scan (which marks my 1 year off of chemo) showed 2 small nodules.  They had actually been growing for a several months now, but they were so small before that they went unnoticed.  This was devastating news for me.  I felt that my new found hope had failed me.  However, after speaking to my radiation oncologist and my medical oncologist they both agreed that considering that I wasn’t on chemo the cancer growth was very minimal.

My new plan is to increase how much DRE I am taking each day.  I have also added Chaga mushroom to my daily regimen.  Here are some similar research results from Chaga studies:

For now, we are going from CT scan to CT scan to see what will happen next.  (Date of this post 3/7/2018)

Update (3/28/2018):  After taking increased amounts of DRE (12oz a day) and adding Chaga Mushroom extract (4oz, which has 1/2 teaspoon of Chaga), my recent blood tests show that Creatinine, BUN and GFR are all in normal ranges.  This is a good sign that I am probably not taking too much of these things and they are probably not toxifying me.  Please note that I am a big man.  If I was smaller, smaller doses might be needed.  Something else noteworthy: My platelets have actually increased.

For further updates please follow my blog post starting with this one.

Take part in your own healing.  Seek advice from anyone knowledgeable about your condition then make your decisions based on all the facts.  Some doctors only have certain tools that they will use and those are the ones that they will recommend.  

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